Best Teardrop Caravans You Can Own 2021 – And One To Avoid

Best Teardrop Caravans

Teardrop Caravans have a unique, elegant design that will turn heads wherever you go.

They have ultra-modern comforts and luxuries, such as a kitchen, a sofa, a bed and lots of storage space – some even have flushable toilets!

Often the costs and hassle of storing a larger caravan put many people off.  A smaller teardrop caravan can really be the best of both worlds.

But what are the best teardrop caravans?

The best teardrop caravans are:

  • Go Pod Venus 2021
  • Gran Tourok
  • Go Pod Platinum 2021
  • Hero Traveller
  • Go Pod Plus 2021
  • Glampa Campa
  • Hero Ranger
  • Sleeper
  • NodPod Lux

With one of these you’ll have a portable caravan that will transform your outdoor experiences into memorable ones.

With so many of these caravans on the market today, how do you choose between them?

As a happy teardrop caravan owner, I can walk you through the very best out there, what to look for and importantly what to avoid!

9 Best Teardrop Caravans in 2021

Here is a run down of the best teardrop caravans available, including features and design options.

Go Pod Venus 2021

The Go Pod Venus is the first Go Pod on our list, and is at the top of the Go Pod range.

Go Pod Venus
Source: Go Pods


They are custom made by Go Pod, based on your requirements to include the colour of shell, and matching colour fabric combination.


They have been built with luxury in mind. Lots of nice features included, even down to a pop up 10-way plug that packs neatly away.

The teardrop caravan includes a kitchen area and even a flushable toilet – which are rare in many teardrop caravans, due to their size.



Available From

The Go Pod Venus 2021 is available from Go Pods

Gran Tourok

The Gran Tourok from West Midlands Trailers really looks the part!

Grand Tourok
Source: West Midlands Trailers


It would be a great companion to an off-road 4×4 trip. It’s been built for ruggedness, hard terrain and can certainly withstand a few knocks!


As well as a sofa bed, it also comes with a 20 litre fridge, combination sink, a single burner mini stove for cooking and a mini over grill.



Available From

The Gran Tourok is available from West Midlands Trailers

Go Pod Platinum 2021

The second Go Pod entry, and the mid-budget teardrop caravan pod in their range.

Go Pod Platinum
Courtesy: Go Pods


Considered to be on the glamping side of teardrop caravanning, the Go Pod Platinum 2021 adds all those little extra touches to make your stay more comfortable.


Just like the Go Pod Venus, the Platinum model also includes a flushable toilet.

It comes with a heater to keep warm on cold nights and winter caravanning, twin burners, kitchen sink, microwave (which can be upgraded to a gas grill), solar panel and a TV & DVD player combi.

Go Pods have really thought of everything!



Available From

The Go Pod Platinum is available from Go Pods

Hero Traveller

I love the look of the Hero Traveller from Fun Fit Adventure. A combination of style, elegance, lightweight portability and little luxuries round every nook and cranny.

Source: Fun Fit Adventure


Slightly larger than the Hero Ranger (we’ll be coming on to that shortly) it offers a touch of style to a teardrop caravan holiday or mini break. The kitchen area – accessed from the outside via a lift up panel – is of particular finesse – but it is outside though, so bear this in mind for winter trips.

It offers a split design, with the living space on the inside which is big enough for a bed, and the facilities and extras on the outside.


As well as a large interior space for sleeping, it comes with an external kitchen area with sink and tap. There is no cooking ability though.



Available From

The Hero Traveller is available from Fun Fit Adventure

Go Pod Plus

The third, and last Go Pod entry in the list, this one the entry level Go Pod Plus.

Go Pod Plus
Source: Go Pods


Although the basic option provided by Go Pods, it still adds an element of glamping not found in the basic models of other teardrop caravans.


Although this is the standard Go Pod model it is also surprising, but welcome, to see it also includes a flushable toilet. It also includes a fridge freezer combi, table, TV aerial socket, kitchen, sink and two hobs.



Available From

The Go Pod Plus is available from Go Pods

Hero Ranger

The Hero Ranger is the second on our list from Fun Fit Adventure, and the slightly smaller teardrop caravan from their range.

Hero Ranger
Source: Fun Fit Adventure


Following on from a similar design concept to the Hero Traveller, the kitchen area is outside the caravan. This is to provide a larger space inside, but equally can be a challenge if winter camping was planned.


The Hero Ranger comes with heating and designed to be able to stay warm in temperatures as low as minus 21c. It includes a fully functioning sink at the outside rear of the caravan, with kitchen space.



Available From

The Hero Traveller is available from Fun Fit Adventure

Glampa Campa

The Glampa Campa from west Midland Trailers is a really budget friendly, but equally stylish option for glamping on the go.

Glampa Campa
Source: West Midlands Trailers


Based on the classic and traditional teardrop shape, this caravan is custom made to your requirements, and as a result can come with a number of enhanced features.


Despite its small size it’s almost brimming to the roof with features!

This includes a kitchen area with sink, 20 litre fridge and a single gas burner – and can come with a 22 inch TV with wall bracket as an optional extra for just £250



Available From

The Glampa Campa is available from West Midlands Trailers.


The practical Sleeper is a lightweight almost grab and go teardrop caravan. It’s the cheapest on the list and although designed for a place to rest your head at night, it’s comfortable yet manages add a touch of class.

Source: West Midlands Trailers


This small caravan has been designed as a budget friendly place for two people to be able to sit and relax after a day outdoors and enjoy the indoor comforts at night.


As standard it offers some storage options, a drop down table and sofa bed. There are optional extras that can be added such as reading lights for £40 each and a 22 inch TV with wall bracket for £250.



Available From

The Sleeper is available from West Midlands Trailers

NodPod Lux

The NodPod Lux I feel fits that sweet spot between budget and glamping. Managing to keep overall costs low it still packs a mighty stylish punch, and a caravan you’ll enjoy spending time in.

Nod Pod Lux
Source: West Midlands Trailers


The classic tearshop design includes a kitchen area accessed via a lift up panel towards the rear of the teardrop caravan.


It features a sofa bed, skylight roof with vent, combi sink and tap as well as a single gas burner. Optional extras can be included.



Available From

The NodPod Lux is available from West Midlands Trailers

Best Teardrop Caravans Compared – An In-Depth Data Review

Teardrop CaravanLength mm (L,W,H)MTPLMKitchenGas BurnerToiletCost
Go Pod Venus1280x609x609750 kgYesYesYes£17,295
Grand Tourok2440x1220x1220NAYesYesNo£10,995
Go Pod Platinum1280x609x609750 kgYesYesYes£15,295
Hero Traveller1469x670x6091300 kgYesNoNo£18,327
Go Pod Plus1280x609x609750 kgYesYesYes£13,795
Hero Ranger1469x670x6091300 kgYesNoNo£17,376
Glampa Campa2440x1220x1200NAYesYesNo£7,995
Nod Pod Lux3505x1706x1767NAYesYesNo£6,500

Why Teardrop Caravans and Trailers are so Popular

The days of staying in one place for a holiday are over.

We like to travel around, and don’t want to get stuck in one place for too long.

If you want to pack up one morning and start a new adventure, why not do it simply, easily and in style?

This is where a teardrop caravan comes in.

They are lightweight and portable and offer everything you need for a comfortable night sleep.

If you are spontaneous, like me, and love the thought of deciding one morning just to pack up, move campsites and explore somewhere else – then a teardrop caravan is ideal. Little space is required.

It takes the phrase ‘mobile home‘ to a whole new level.

I like camping but sometimes, especially on cold nights, the lure of being inside is just too big of a temptation.

Having kitchen area, electricity, mod cons and even a flushable toilet in something as small as a teardrop caravan is why these are growing so much in popularity.

Originally designed just for sleeping, they have re-developed to offer a more glamping experience.

They are still small, still compact but are perfect for mini breaks, one night trips and overnight events.

What To Avoid When Buying a Teardrop Caravan

Teardrop caravans are still expensive, so deciding the best one for your needs is very important.

The caravans in the list range from £4,500 to £18,327.

If you plan to spend near £20,000 on such a small caravan it needs to be suited to your exact needs. Caravans notoriously depreciate in value, and often lose value quite quickly.

The teardrop caravans you want to avoid are those with little features, or no room inside for the number of people travelling.

Having the ability to prepare food, and cook, using at least a single burner is a really nice to have when caravanning.

Some of the caravans on this list have the kitchen outside the caravan. This is fine for warm spring, summer and even autumn months – where sitting outside around a campfire to cook or prepare food is what many of us will do – but if you plan to winter camp a lot this can be a problem.

I will add a caveat here though. Teardrop caravans are not designed to stand up in. They are small and compact. A kitchen on the outside allows you to stand whilst preparing food.

The Go Pods on this list all come with quite a unique feature to teardrop caravans, a flushable toilet.

Your travel plans may always mean you will always be staying on a campsite with good toilet facilities, but for those who prefer wild camping, this could be a really useful feature.

Can I Tow a Teardrop Caravan?

As a general rule, a person who passed their driving test before 1st January 1997 has the ability to tow a teardrop caravan without any additional tests. A person who passed their driving test from this date onward are required to pass an accredited trailer test in order to tow a teardrop caravan.

You can check this by looking at the back of your driving license.

If B+E is shown (often displayed as BE), and has a start and expiry date included, then this category allows you to tow a trailer, such as a small caravan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from readers that may also provide a helpful answer to any remaining questions you have on teardrop caravans:

Are teardrop caravans worth it?

Teardrop caravans are worth it. Due to their small size, and light weight, they can be towed by many vehicles and are a good solution for spontaneous and adventure holidays. Teardrop caravans with cooking and toilet facilities are particularly worth it.

Can a car tow a teardrop caravan?

Many cars can tow teardrop caravans. The average MTPLM of a teardrop caravan is between 750kg to 1,000 kg. A car can tow up to 85% of its kerb weight. Therefore, your car needs to have a kerb weight of 882kg and 1176 kg to tow a teardrop caravan.

Do Teardrop caravans have toilets?

Some teardrop caravans do have their own flushable toilets. These include the Go Pod Plus 2021, Go Pod Platinum 2021 and Go Pod Venus 2021. Due to their small size although a small number of teardrop caravans include a toilet, many do not.

How much does a small teardrop caravan cost?

Brand new teardrop caravans start from £4,800.

On second-hand marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace or eBay, you can often find used teardrop caravans from around £1,000.

In Conclusion

Teardrop caravans are a great, fun, way to get outdoors and explore the countryside.

They are adventurous as they are portable.

I hope this best teardrop caravan review guide helps you decide on the right caravan for you.

Happy adventures!

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