Do Glamping Tents have Toilets?

Glamping Tent Toilet

While they may look similar to the traditional camping tents, glamping tents are more luxurious and often include features like electric lighting, raised floors, and even bathrooms.

Glamping tents are intended to make camping more comfortable and create a more luxurious experience for their guests.

It’s considered camping for the posh!

Toilets or restrooms can be found in premium glamping tents and pods. As glamping is the more luxurious and expensive side of camping, many glamping site owners are installing toilets and bathrooms inside tents for guests. Confirmation with the glamping site before you book is advised.

Benefits of Paying Extra for a Glamping Tent with a Toilet

One of the main reasons many are put of by basic camping is because of the feeling of ‘roughing it’ inside a tent, often with no room to stand, and more importantly – no bathroom!

Waking up at 2am in a field on a campsite, regretting that last cup of tea before bedtime, is something we’ve all done.

The midnight hour fumble for the flashlight and your shoes, whilst unnaturally staggering half asleep across a field to the welcoming illumination of the moth covered bathrooms, really is no fun at all.

Especially if it’s raining!

If you have decided to upgrade your camping experience by going glamping, why not go all-in and hire one with a toilet inside.

As glamping tents and pods are highly sought after you will probably end up paying an additional premium, but you’re 2am self will be thanking you if you do.

Which Glamping Tents Are Likely to Have Toilets or Restrooms

Glamping Bathroom

Unfortunately, the most expensive ones!

Surprisingly, the bathroom experience is one of the biggest reasons people decide to leave the canvas tent and pegs in the attic and opt for a little luxury.

And why not!

Glamping sites often cater for the needs and wants of their guests by installing premium bathrooms onsite – especially if their tents and pods are too small to fit a toilet inside.

In order to find a toilet glamping accommodation, you will need to go large. The smaller pods just do not have the room inside, space is a premium and premium equal’s cost.

Are Glamping Toilets Ensuite?

If you are fortunate enough to find a toilet in your glamping tent, then it will be ensuite.

If no glamping accommodation with a bathroom is available for your booking dates, you may want to try and book a pitch near to – but not directly next to – the bathroom block.

It’s a much easier prospect in the middle of the night to get dressed and walk a few feet, compared to a 10 minute round trip to the end of the campsite grounds.

Do Glamping Toilets Flush?

Flushable toilets are those that are plumbed into the waste pipes and run offsite, which means they have to be connected to a permanent structure – for example, a glamping pod or cabin.

What is Glamping?

Glamping is a blend of camping and luxury experience.

Glamping is just the right combination of camping and experience: a rustic, outdoorsy environment with comfortable accommodations and top-notch amenities.

The word glamping comes from the French word for tent, which is glante, meaning “at the edge.” Glamping is not a new concept.

In fact, it’s an idea that’s been around since at least the 1920s.

It refers to a type of outdoor accommodation, specifically a tent based campground where guests are taken care of by trained professionals.

Although today’s glamping experience do not tend to come with a butler experience, what you will find from a glamping is the benefits of being in the outdoors, around beautiful scenery and at one with nature but with the little luxuries and essentials you come to expect from a hotel room.

This really can be the best of both worlds.

We often all feel that pull towards nature. Urban life may suit some but even the most at home on the urban street at times just want to pack some things in the back of a car, or a holdall and board a train, and head out to the coast or countryside.

The tranquillity of the experience can be good for the mind as well as the body.

Glamping vs Camping?

A glamping experience is a more luxurious experience than other types of camping.

There are certain things that make up the glamping experience that are not seen in most other types of camping.

For starters, you’ll enjoy the comforts of a night sleep in an actual bed, with an actual mattress!

Blow-up mattresses and sleeping bags can be great when you are a child, but as we get older, we tend to want to leave those types of experiences behind to our childhood.

The Types of Glamping Places You Can Stay

There are lots of different glamping site accommodation types to stay in. From amazing treehouses to quirky pods and yurts, to luxury tents and trailers.

We’ll let you decide which of these you would enjoy the most!

Tents are an exceptionally popular way to stay with your glamping family.

They are a great choice as they provide privacy while also being open the outside world.

You can choose to camp in a small glamping tent with some of the comforts you crave for inside a normal camping tent, or in a large tent with everything you could possibly want or need!

Here are some of the glamping option types available:

Glamping Tent

Glamping Tent

The glamping tent is the traditional glamping option. These are often tall enough to stand in – well at least in the centre – and are made from thicker material protecting the residents from the outside elements.

Full of home comforts they are the ultimate experience in outdoors luxury living.


Glamping Yurt

Yurts are becoming a really popular glamping option.

A yurt is a round structure with a wooden frame and heavy felt coverings. Historically, yurts were used by the nomadic tribes of Mongolia.

Today, yurts are becoming more popular across glamping sites throughout the UK and the U.S.

Tree House

Glamping Treehouse

For those of you who really love your holiday to be a unique experience, and the quirkier the better, an amazing tree house could then be the answer.

Although tree house hotels not as common as glamping tents and pods, there are a surprisingly large number of these popping up.

UK tree house hotels can be found in places such as Dorset, Yorkshire, East Sussex, Fife, Powys plus many more.

Whereas Tree House Hotels across the US they can be found in Washington, Ohio, Connecticut, Oregon, California and Wyoming amongst others.

Pods and Log Cabins

Glamping Log Cabin

Glamping Pods are extremely popular in the UK.

Pods are generally smaller than log cabins, but take you completely out of the elements whilst allowing you to still be close to nature and the outdoors.

Personally, I love log cabins. The romantic idea of a log fire throws with a warm meal and glass of wine after a long hike sounds bliss.

Waking up to a blanket of snow in your very own glamping log cabin is an experience not to be rivalled!


Airstreams are more common throughout the U.S. than the UK, but these are becoming a popular glamping option.

Glamping sites, aside from the usual pods, cabins, yurts, and tents like to offer some premium and quirky options.

They are great for marketing and advertising purposes, as well as giving the traveller a unique place to rest their head for the night.

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