Height of a 5th Wheel – How High is an Average 5th Wheel

Height of a Fifth Wheel

Fifth wheels coming seem to come in so many shapes and sizes today.

They range in height between 11.7 foot and 13.5 foot, but do you know the average height of a fifth wheel?

The average height of a fifth wheel is 12.9 foot. This answer is based on 24 popular fifth wheels ranging from 11.7 foot to 13.5 foot. The maximum height of a fifth wheel in many states is 13.5 foot. The height of a fifth wheel is measured from the ground to the very top of the roof.

Let’s a have a look further in to the examples we based this case study on, and how we came to the answer of 12.9 foot as the average height.

What is the Height of an Average Fifth Wheel?

To get the average height of a fifth wheel, we need to really look at a selection of them.

This way we can do some proper math’s, take the data and work out the lowest, highest and of course the average.

The average height is 12.9 foot as shown above, but let’s have a look at how we reached that conclusion.

Here are 24 fifth wheels we put together in this data gathering exercise and the answer:

Fifth WheelLengthHeight
Flagstaff Classic29.11 ft11.7 ft
Coachman35.11 ft12 ft
Shockwave25.1 ft12.1 ft
Sandstorm25.1 ft12.1 ft
Open Range34.4 ft12.1 ft
Keystone Cougar39.3 ft12.11 ft
Springdale37.1 ft12.4 ft
Mesa Ridge32.7 ft12.5 ft
Silverstar XLT32.7 ft12.5 ft
Forest River28.1 ft13.1 ft
Impression31 ft13.2 ft
Rockwood Signature37.2 ft13.2 ft
XLR35 ft13.2 ft
Jayco North Point42.1 ft13.3 ft
Keystone Alpine43 ft13.3 ft
Riverstone41.6 ft13.4 ft
Stealth32.6 ft13.4 ft
Alliance34.1 ft13.4 ft
Avalanche40.4 ft13.4 ft
Montana35 ft13.4 ft
Montana High Country34 ft13.4 ft
Cedar Creek35.3 ft13.5 ft
Wolf Pack39.3 ft13.5 ft
Sandpiper35 ft13.5 ft

There are several fifth wheels right at the maximum of 13.5 foot, and the smallest down to 11.7 foot.

Based on all 24 makes and models of RV the average height, as you may be able to see, is 12.9 foot.

How do you Measure the Height of a Fifth Wheel?

From the ground to the top of the roof is the official height of a fifth wheel. It can be done using a standard tape measure by placing hook of the measure at the very top of the fifth wheel and running the measure down the fifth wheel to the ground. It may require two people to measure the height.

The height can vary based on the truck it is attached to.

In almost every state there is a maximum fifth wheel height. Although almost all fifth wheelers have been manufactured to adhere to this, it is important that your trailer adheres to the laws of the state before you travel.

Maximum Height of a 5th Wheel in Feet and Inches

The maximum height allowed for a trailer in almost every state is 13 feet 5 inches.

In our core tests and analysis of 24 fifth wheels, the maximum height we found was right at the maximum of 13.5 foot.

Should the Height of a 5th Wheel be Measured from Outside or Inside?

The height of a fifth wheel should always be measured from the outside, not the inside.

There’s little point measuring from floor to ceiling on the inside unless you’re measuring for internal fifth wheel renovation!

As the law on fifth wheel heights is based on the exterior, rather than interior, measure from the very top right down to the ground. This will give you the official height from the floor.

Why do you Need to Know the Height of Your Fifth Wheel?

Knowing the height of your fifth wheel is not only important for the purposes of road law, but also hazards and any low hanging obstacles like crossings and bridges.

The last thing you will want to do is misjudge the height of your fifth wheel and hear a terrifying scraping and screeching noise as you lose the roof!

Unfortunately, it’s happened before, and likely to happen again.

Everyone should know the overall height of the vehicle they are traveling in, and any vehicles they are towing.

This is as much common sense as it is the law.

Be prepared and you can be proactive rather than reactive!

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