How much do trailers weigh? – 22 Average Weight Examples

How much do trailers weigh

There are lots of easy measurements you can take with a trailer, but the hardest measurement of all to take is how much a trailer weighs!

It’s not as if you can lift it up and put in on some bathroom scales.

If you have the manufacturers specifications to hand it should tell you, but if you are in the research stages and just need to know an average of how much trailers weigh, we have done a little research for you already.

We compared 22 different trailers ranging in different dimensions to calculate and provide the answer for you.

The average weight of a trailer is 3,104 lbs. The weight is often based on the overall length and height of a trailer. A 5th wheel is one of the heaviest trailers and a boat trailer is one of the lightest. The heaviest (10,285 lbs) is 4,395% heavier than the lightest (234 lbs).

What is the Average Weight of a Trailer – 22 Trailers Compared

TrailerType of TrailerWeight
Bean TrailerTeardrop3500 lbs
CanyonlandTeardrop1150 lbs
VistablueTeardrop1,695 lbs
Open Range5th Wheel10,285 lbs
Mesa Ridge5th Wheel8,185 lbs
Silverstar XLT5th Wheel9,350 lbs
Big Tex 30ES 10″Utility723 lbs
Big Tex 35SA 14″Utility1,073 lbs
Big Tex 70TV 18″ Utility1,935 lbs
EZLoader 58BSBoat234 lbs
EZLoader 96BS Boat624 lbs
EZLoader 96BS 19-22Boat692 lbs
Gooseneck 9607Horse6,500 lbs
Bumper Pull 7441Horse4,300 lbs
Living Quarters 7841Horse8,650 lbs
Karavan 2450Fishing Boat510 lbs
Karavan 1500Fishing Boat325 lbs
Karavan 1700Fishing Boat500 lbs
Featherlite 1610Motorcycle1,800 lbs
Featherlite 1611Motorcycle1,900 lbs
Featherlite 1693Motorcycle975 lbs
Featherlite 1648Motorcycle3,400 lbs

As we can see, the 5th wheels are – for obvious reasons – the heaviest type of trailers, at an average of 9,273 lbs.

A 5th wheel typically is 4,000% heavier than a fishing boat trailer at an average of just 445 lbs.

Why you need to know the weight of your trailer

If you have ever taken a trip with a recreational trailer, chances are you will have been asked to weigh your trailer at least once.

You also, importantly, need to know how much a trailer weighs in order to make sure you vehicle can safely and comfortably tow it.

The weight of your trailer also affects how it handles. Knowing the weight can help you compensate when you’re behind the wheel.

Although overloading your trailer causes it to be less stable and less safe, it can also increase your fuel consumption and lessen the lifespan of its components.

As a driver, you need to know the total weight of the trailer, including the weight of the trailer in tow and the weight of everything in the cargo hook-ups and tie-ups.

This knowledge will enable you to calculate the trailer weight in tow, so you can determine how much weight you are actually towing.

What type of trailers are the lightest?

A fishing boat trailer is one of the lightest trailers on the market. At an average of 445 lbs it is considerably smaller and lighter than a horse box, or 5th wheel for example.

This is closely followed by utility trailers, helping transport work and other utility items from destination to destination. These have an average weight of 1,243 lbs.

What type of trailers are the heaviest?

The heaviest type of trailer is a 5th wheel, with an average weight of 9,273 lbs.

The next heaviest type of trailer will be a large horse box, with an average weight of 6,483 lbs.

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