Should I get an RV with an Outdoor Kitchen?

Should I Get an RV With Outdoor Kitchen

Being self-sufficient in an RV, just for vacation or living the nomad life, is part of the overall traveling experience.

Part of that experience is to be able to manage the basic need of eating, and what better way to do this than with a kitchen built into your RV.

But why have just one kitchen in your RV, when you can have two!

Some RVs now come with an additional outdoor kitchen. An additional outside cooking area accessible via a lift-up or slide out panel built into your RV.

But should you get an RV with an outside kitchen and are they worth it?

An RV with an outdoor kitchen is worth the additional cost if you eat most of your meals outside your RV. It also eliminates cooking smells within your RV by cooking in the open air. The cook can also enjoy the social aspect of being around the rest of the family or guests whilst cooking.

There are a lot of plus points to having a second kitchen. Unfortunately, these are balanced against a much higher overall cost. But is it worth it?

 Is it Worth Getting an RV with an Outside Kitchen?

RV with Outdoor Kitchen

To decide whether to invest in an RV with an outside kitchen is really asking the question as to whether the extra cost is worth the benefits.

We all like to make things as easy as possible for ourselves. There are so many appliances, tools, features and techniques to do just that.

Where do you eat most?

If you and your family regularly eat in the great outsides together, enjoying nature and the surrounding views, then having an outside kitchen is great to help keep everyone together at mealtimes.

No longer would the cook be spending time inside the RV cooking away, whilst the rest of the family sat and talked outside.

You will also need to keep moving food, utensils etc. in and out of the RV.

And although we all generally get used to cooking smells inside an RV during winter months, they can be avoided in the spring and summer months with an outdoors kitchen – and the cooking smells kept outside rather than inside.

If though you prefer to enjoy your meals indoors, and in the evening spend the majority of your time inside your RV, then it may not be worth the extra costs.

You will eliminate cooking smells from your RV, but you’ll spend as much time transporting food from outside your RV to inside, and the food smells will be inside your RV as you eat anyway.

So, whether an outside kitchen is worth it for you or not is dependent on where you spend most of your time.

There are a lot of benefits but considerable costs.

How Expensive is an Outdoors Kitchen in an RV?

The additional cost of an RV with an outdoor kitchen will cost between $6,000 and $18,500 depending on the make, model and size of the RV. Smaller RVs with a single flame and worktop requirement will be a cheaper add on than a fully integrated outdoor kitchen.

Now, $6,000 to $18,500 is of course a wide range.

For the entry level $6,000 value you can expect a smaller integration with limited features, but great a solo or couple traveling and provide basic but perfectly adequate cooking functionality.

The top end of this additional budget at $18,500 is going to be a fully integrated kitchen solution allowing you to cook for several people with preparations space, sink storage and more. Replicating your inside kitchen to the outdoors.

Some outdoor kitchens also come with refrigerator as well as a TV!

Some people opt to make DIY renovations but with gas involved it’s always best to seek out professional support and help.

Can You Add an Outdoors Kitchen to an RV?

It isn’t easy to add an outdoor kitchen to an RV that doesn’t currently have one. Significant modifications to the RV will need to be made, as well as potential interior renovation. Single flame burner or grill is an easy install with many RV owners opting for a DIY install.

There needs to be space to house the kitchen.

The interior of the RV may need to be remodeled and you will lose an element of space. The kitchen will need to safely connect to the gas supply. You may also need to connect it to the water supply if you intend to fit a kitchen sink.

All of this requires significant redesign.

It’s why many people make the choice of an RV with or without an outdoors kitchen before they purchase.

What Do Outdoor Kitchens Come with?

The range of outdoor kitchens can be compared to the range of RVs. Some are large with a wide range of features, and some are small but practical.

Small Outdoor Kitchens

A small kitchen will usually come with the following:

  • Grill or stove
  • Worktop
  • Small storage space
  • Mini fridge

Even small kitchens can be useful for a solo traveler when wanting the convenience of cooking a small meal outside.

They are practical for solo use or with a friend or as a couple.

Large Outdoor Kitchens

A larger outdoor kitchen will usually come with the following:

  • Grill
  • Stove
  • Microwave
  • Sink
  • Refrigerator
  • Worktop
  • Lots of storage space
  • Television

These outdoor kitchens are great for large families, guests or simply enjoying a nice evening with your traveling neighbors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Class C motorhomes have outdoor kitchens?

Some Class C motorhomes do come with an outdoor kitchen. A typical example would be the Coachmen Freelander Premier C Class has an optional add-on which include camp kitchen, sink and refrigerator.

What are must haves for outdoor kitchen?

In order to have a practical outdoor kitchen you will need, of course, a method of being able to cook. This can be by way of flame or grill. A small worktop for food preparation is helpful and also hygienic, rather than using a table.

What is an outdoor kitchen on an RV?

An outdoor kitchen on an RV is a second kitchen built into the RV that usually includes grill or stove, sink and refrigerator allowing the owner to cook outside. Storage space, large granite worktop and even a television can be included as premium add-on options.

In Conclusion – Outdoor Kitchen RVs

These are a practical and useful addition to any RV, especially for those who live outside their RV as much as possible. Especially at meal-times.

These can be a costly add-on, so you need to balance the benefits to you against the extra cost.

If you spend many meal times outdoors an outdoor kitchen can almost be essential.

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